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FDA Considering Energy Drink Regulation

US Health officials are considering applying more regulatory constraints on energy drinks, which is possibly in response to recent changes in Canada's health laws regarding the popular beverages. Canada no longer allows energy drinks to have more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee, 180 milligrams. Beverage manufacturers in Canada are also now required to add their ingredients, nutritional information and allergen alerts to their product labels. Warnings to pregnant women and children not to use the product is also on the label, as well as the obligatory "don't mix with alcohol" admonitiion.

In the USA, energy drinks are classified as dietary supplements, helping them avoid stricter FDA guidelines. Some medical officials have expressed concerns over the amount of caffeine in some energy drinks, citing a wide disparity in how different people's internal chemistry responds to caffeine.

The FDA’s current requirements for dietary supplement products are pretty lax, requiring only that the product label doesn't contain any misleading information. In the past few years, certain watchdog groups have pressed the FDA to increase the regulation of energy drinks. This is definitely something to keep an eye out for...but in the meantime, you can still fire up a DynaPep® energy shot and enjoy the extra energy boost.

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