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DynaPep® Energy promises the most convenient, powerful and long-lasting effect on the market today!
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Longest Lasting Energy Shot

There are days when you notice that your energy is not what it was during your teens and early twenties. The stresses of work, raising a family, and the day-to-day grind just takes a lot out of you and your drive. If you have been feeling less energetic, you may want to consider taking an energy shot, specifically a DynaPep® Energy Micro-Shot. Like its name indicates, you get an intense and explosive jolt of pep and energy, from just a 4 ml energy drink dosage.

Unlike the competition that promises five, six, or eight hours of energy, a single DynaPep® energy shot gives you up to ten hours of energy. Compared to the other brands that have a questionable taste, DynaPep® energy is an energy drink that comes in three great flavors: Cinnamon, Mint and Berry. Also, unlike any other energy shot, this single dose, which is less than a teaspoon, can be taken quickly and easily, instead of having to chug down a whole canister.

DynaPep® energy drink is made from all-natural ingredients and does not contain sugar. Sugary drinks will get you going for a little while but then there is the inevitable crash, where you end up feeling lower than you did before. DynaPep® is ultra-concentrated and utilizes ingredients and technology to help sustain absorption, and releases energy slowly, so that it lasts longer, and brings you down slowly. The energy you get is the good kind where you can do things, unlike the other drinks that give you a buzzed, jittery feeling. This jolt of energy starts as soon as it hits your tongue, and there is no wait for the ingredients to kick in.

If you feel tired during the middle of the day and still have a load of work, meetings, and even a night out to look forward to, try a DynaPep® Energy Micro-Shot. Because of its two-tiered system of absorption, taking this tiny shot will help you finish all your tasks with ease, and still have energy for dinner and dancing. Try it now and witness the dynamic effect of all-day energy.

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Product Info

DynaPep® is the World's First Supercharged energy micro-shot™. Packaged in a liquid 4-milliliter twist-off top ampoule (equivalent to less than 1 teaspoon), The DynaPep® Energy Micro-Shot™ delivers a time-release suspension that provides hours of long-lasting energy without the jittery "crash" that other products cause. The DynaPep® effect is the result of active ingredients derived from natural sources, and without the help of sugar.

DynaPep® promises the most powerful and long-lasting effect on the market today coupled with unsurpassed convenience. The days of coping with a large drink or measured doses are over. The DynaPep® vial is thinner than a lipstick and fits anywhere!



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