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DynaPep® Energy promises the most convenient, powerful and long-lasting effect on the market today!

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DynaPep® Energy Shot

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When you need energy...a little extra pep in your step, you really need DynaPep®! Like dynamite, DynaPep comes in a small 4 millileter micro-shot, and also like dynamite, provides explosive results. The DynaPep® energy micro-shot uses time-release principles to provide hours and hours of "fired up but not jittery" energy to help you get past those yawning moments that plague your day. No crash either, unlike some of our so-called competitors.

Let's face it...those "other" energy shots and beverages taste like…well, like something you sure wouldn’t want to pour down your throat. DynaPep® energy shots come in 3 distinctive flavors, Berry, Cinnamon and Mint, so there is a flavor to agree with everyone. Warning though…no matter how much you enjoy the taste, you shouldn't take more than two DynaPep® energy shots within a 24-hour span, for fear of damaging the walls you’re bouncing off of and the potential for spontaneous human combustion.

DynaPep's energy micro-shots use only natural ingredients, and NO SUGAR! So quit dragging around because you lack the energy to do anything after 2 PM, and grab yourself a DynaPep® energy micro-shot. You'll finally have the fire you need to go out and enjoy a little night life, or at least be able to get some things done at home, rather than crashing on the couch.

DynaPep®...If it were any stronger, we’d call it rocket fuel.




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